We initiate the tour from the hotels and we go west direction to the National Park Tierra del Fuego.

This Park was created in 1960 and it represents the southernmost natural protected zone in Argentina, including an area of 6 km on Beagle Channel and a total of 63.000 hectares.

During the journey, you will visit Acigami o Roca Lake, Lapataia Bay, among others, having the opportunity to appreciate the sub Antarctic forests species that are preserved in the National Park, where red foxes, guanacos, rabbits, beavers and condors are living together.

In addition, you have some panoramic views of Beagle Channel and its mountain islands are obtained.

In Lapataia Bay you also find many sea birds and rest from a “conchero” used by the first aboriginal Yaganes

Duration: 4 hours.
Departure: 08:00 AM approximately
Rate: AR$ 3200 
Child policy: 3 to 11 years old: 50 % less
Validity: from 01/12/20 to 30/06/21

Entrance to National Park. It is paid only by cash, in Argentinian pesos

From 01/09/20 to 30/04/21
General: AR$ 1500

The End of the World Train (optional)

“The station of the End of the World” is the head of this train and is situated going by the national route Nº 3, to the National Park Tierra del Fuego.
The train departures from the station “End of World” and takes the original slope of the one used by the prisoners’ train. Along its way, you can see the reconstruction of an aboriginal camp and a natural cascade called “Cascada de la Macarena”.
The train then takes a way in the National Park of 4,5 Km where you can continue the outing in the National Park Tierra del Fuego by bus or come back to the main station. During the trip, you can enjoy beautiful views of rivers, cascades, forest, mountains and peat bogs. We will also learn about the history of the old prisoners’ train and its relationship with the born of Ushuaia and the charming of travelling in a railway of the time, a steam locomotive and the nostalgia of a time that has gone.          

Duration: 1 hs in excursion to the National Park or 1 ½ hs in Round Trip
Departure: 09:30 AM and 03:00 PM
. Presentation: 30 minutes before for PRE boarding and to visit the pictures of prisoners, some railway historical elements, the repair shop and the boutique.

Adults: AR$ 3200
Child policy: from 4 to 12 years old: AR$ 1600
Validity: from 01/01 to 30/06/21