We start our tour in El Calafate in the mythical route 40 going along the edge of Argentinian Lake, crossing Santa Cruz River, where we will know Darwin experiences in Fitz Roy. Then, we go on our way to La Leona River, passing through a field flooded in wet weather and after 1:15 hs we reach Paso La Leona hotel, an antique place where you can get some coffee and home-made cakes. After this stop we go on along the edge of Viedma Lake and we will stop in Glacier Viedma sightseeing, having a magnificent panoramic view of the glacier, the Andean border and the emblematic Fitz Roy and Torre mountains. After 3 hours, we will reach El Chalten Mountain.

There are some options. Following the descriptions.


It is a trekking of approximately 2 hs going and 7 km distance. The first part is of medium difficulty, since it has a pronounced slope.
Once you get to Capri Lagoon, you can appreciate magnificent views of Torre, Chalten, Guillomet Mountains and Madre e hija Lagoons.
Distance: up to Capri 7 km per way (going and coming back), total 14 km. Slope 380 mts
*Restrictions: these persons CANNOT DO this trekking: those with heart, spine, knee and ankle problems. Persons with recent surgeries, those who suffer vertigo, pregnant and minor of 10 years old. If any person suffer some allergy it is recommendable to take their medicine.

It includes box lunch.

Rate: AR$ 5500 (from 01/10/18 to 30/04/19)


We start From El Chalten going through the 36 km to Desert Lake, in a wonderful panoramic way in forest and by the edge of De las Vueltas River. Then, starting in Punta Sur dock we navigate for about 30 minutes visiting Huemul and Crestón Glaciers and get in Vespignani Glacier, in the middle of the lake. Once there, you can choose one of the three path, all of them very well marked, depending the physical effort you want to do.
The most complicated path can take 45 minutes, with a slow trekking, and you get 150 mts high, getting by foot to Vespignani glacier, and an incredible high view of Fitz Roy, of its North part. A second option is an intermediate way that gets you to a prominent point of the glacier, after 15 minutes con constant trekking. Also, we can choose another paths that has no slopes and we can get to the coast of the wonderful reserve. Then, after a snack, you come back to the dock Punta Sur and take the bus for the return to El Calafate.

It includes box lunch.

Rate: AR$ 4450 (from 01/10/18 to 30/04/19)


After going by Chorrillo del Salto, approximately 4 kim from town and having lunch in La Tapera, and after a moderate trekking of about 45 minutes you get to Mirador de los Cóndores Sightseeing, a panoramic view where you see the surrounding mountains, Río de las Vueltas valley and El Chalten city. The trekking is done in the middle of stele and ñires forest to complete a panoramic view from Mirador de las Águilas with a marvellous landscape. The path starts in a split before Mirador de los Cóndores.
After passing through this little lagoon, you reach a beautiful and attractive view of Viedma Lake, Túnel Bay and Pirámide hill, it is done with an hour trekking.

It includes lunch.

Rate: AR$ 2700 (from 01/10/18 to 30/04/19)

Duration: 12 hs 
Departure: 07:30 hs approx 
Trekking duration: between 4 and 6 hs, depending the option chosen.